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<title>CD-R0M + Pure Play 20O3</title>
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<H3> <A name=3D"En"></A>Special offer <BR>
<a href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
1987/2002 FINE ART CD-ROM</A><BR>
Price: <FONT color=3D"#FF0000">409 USD</FONT> instead of 449 USD</H3>
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<P align=3D"right"><A href=3D"#fr">[en fran&ccedil;ais]</A></P>
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<TD valign=3D"top" width=3D"198">=20
<a href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
<IMG src=3D"http://web.artprice.com/Img/Shop/xl/cdfine02_xl.jpg" border=3D=
"0" width=3D"150" height=3D"117" alt=3D"Order Now"></A></P>
<P><FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2"> TECHNICAL DATA<BR>
ISBN: 2-907129-317</FONT></P>
<P> PC &amp; Macintosh compatible <BR>
Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME,<BR>
NT and XP </P>
<P>Minimum required space: <BR>
-standard install: 550Mb <BR>
-complete install: 1.3Gb <BR>
<P>English/French version </P>
<P><B>User guide in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish</B> <BR>
Hotline available </P>
<P> <A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:=
:%0ANjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx&lang=3Den"> Find out more</a> </P>
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<P><FONT size=3D"3"><B>The ideal work tool for advanced search: adapted t=
o your needs!=20
</B> </FONT></P>
<P><B>2,900,000 detailed auction results</B> listed by Artprice between J=
anuary 1987=20
and March 2002 collected from 2,900 auction houses in 40 countries for 27=
0,000 artists.=20
<li>Covers: painting, drawing-watercolor, sculpture-installation, ceramic=
, miniature,=20
tapestry, print-poster and photography. <BR>
<li>Search by artist name, work title or sale (date, auctioneer and place=
 of sale).=20
<li>Search on incomplete information (illegible signature, a few words fr=
om the title,=20
etc.). </li>
<li>Sort out the information by date of sale or creation, size and price,=
 and narrow=20
your search by medium and category. </li>
<li>Print your selection of works in the sorting order. </li>
<li>Choose the currency and linear measure (size) for the results to be d=
<li>Available everywhere you go (if installed on a laptop). </li>
<li>A detailed User's guide to assist you in installing and using your CD=
-ROM. </li>
<H3><FONT color=3D"#FF0000">Price:<BR>
409 USD/EUR instead of <s>449 USD/EUR</s> </FONT></H3>
<a href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
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<H3><B>2003: the Art market in turmoil</B></H3>
<P><FONT size=3D"3">Do not rely on outdated price information as in 1991.=
More than ever sell or buy at=20
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/en/">the right price</A>.</FONT></P>
<P>In 2003 keep connected to the first Press Agency dedicated to Art&nbsp=
Artprice Screen&reg;:=20
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/en/">Pure Play</A> ANNUAL subscription=
at <FONT color=3D"#FF0000"><B>USD/EUR&nbsp;16.58 / month.</B><BR>
</FONT><B><FONT color=3D"#FF0000"> </FONT></B></P>
<TD bgcolor=3D"#FF0000" align=3D"center">
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/en/"><FONT size=3D"5" color=3D"#FFFFFF=
<TD valign=3D"top" width=3D"411">=20
<P>Every day, Artprice serves 900,000 worldwide art-market information ad=
dicts. </P>
<P>Art dealers, galleries, appraisers, auctioneers, museums, institutions=
, banks,=20
insurance brokers, collectors and also new amateurs <I>now access <B>uniq=
ue information</B>=20
that used to be restricted to insiders in the 20th&nbsp;C.</I></P>
<P> In 2003, the Artprice Pure Play subscription is the quickest and easi=
est way to=20
unlimited search among <B>3.2 million art work auction results</B>, <B>29=
their upcoming auctions, price levels and indices -unique in the world- b=
signatures &amp; monograms as well as to all the <B>Artprice ArtMarketIns=
ight press=20
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<P align=3D"center"><BR>
<FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2"><B>
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/en/"> Join the 900,000=20
Artprice customers</A></B><BR>
Artprice Pure Play (unlimited access): <FONT color=3D"#FF0000" size=3D"3"=
><B>USD/EUR 16.58</B></FONT><B><FONT color=3D"#FF0000">=20
per month</FONT></B></FONT>=20
<TABLE border=3D"0" align=3D"center" width=3D"599" cellspacing=3D"3">
<tr><TD colspan=3D"2"><BR>
<B><FONT size=3D"3">Free Artist Search : </FONT></B>=20
<TABLE border=3D"0" bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF" align=3D"center">
<tr><FORM method=3Dget action=3D"http://web.artprice.com/en/artistsearch.=
<TD><A href=3D"http://www.artprice.com/en/">
<IMG src=3D"http://web.artprice.com/Img/B/artprice_140.gif" align=3D"absm=
iddle" border=3D"0" alt=3D"artprice"></A>=20
<INPUT type=3Dtext name=3Dsearcharti size=3D27>
<INPUT type=3Dsubmit value=3D"Find an artist" style=3D"CURSOR: hand">
<INPUT type=3Dhidden name=3DL value=3Den>
<P align=3Dcenter>&nbsp;</P>
<table width=3D"600" border=3D"0" align=3D"center" height=3D"428"><tr>
<td height=3D"90" valign=3D"top"><img src=3D"http://web.artprice.com/img/=
LogoArtp_90.jpg" border=3D"0" align=3D"absmiddle">=20
<FONT size=3D"1" face=3D"Arial">The world Leader in Art market informatio=
Artprice is a company of Server group with stake of Bernard Arnault group=
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<TD valign=3D"top" width=3D"198"><A name=3D"fr"></A> <A href=3D"#En"><FON=
T face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2">[In=20
<TD valign=3D"top" colspan=3D"2">
<H3>En promotion <BR>
<a href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
CD-ROM FINE ART 1987/2002</a><BR>
Prix : <FONT color=3D"#FF0000">409 EUROS</FONT> au lieu de 449 EUROS</H3>
<TD valign=3D"top" width=3D"198">=20
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
<IMG src=3D"http://web.artprice.com/Img/Shop/xl/cdfine02_xl.jpg" border=3D=
"0" width=3D"150" height=3D"117" alt=3D"Commander le CD-ROM"></A></P>
<P><FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2"> FICHE TECHNIQUE<BR>
ISBN: 2-907129-317 </FONT></P>
<P>Compatible PC &amp; Mac <BR>
Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, <BR>
NT et XP </P>
<P>Espace minimum requis : <BR>
-installation standard : 550 Mo. <BR>
-installation compl&egrave;te : 1,3 Go. </P>
<P>Langues : fran&ccedil;ais / anglais </P>
<P><B>Guide d'utilisation en fran&ccedil;ais, anglais, allemand, italien =
et espagnol<BR>
</B>Hotline </P>
<P><A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
ODM0NTg0OTc1MTQ5OTk=3D:NjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx&lang=3Dfr">Plus de d&eacute;t=
<TD valign=3D"top">=20
<P><FONT size=3D"3"><B>L'outil de r&eacute;f&eacute;rence indispensable p=
our les recherches=20
avanc&eacute;es : adapt&eacute; &agrave; vos besoins ! </B></FONT></P>
<P><B>2 900 000 r&eacute;sultats de ventes d&eacute;taill&eacute;s</B> en=
par Artprice entre janvier 1987 et mars 2002 en provenance de 2 900 maiso=
ns de ventes=20
dans 40 pays pour 270 000 artistes. </P>
<li>Couvre : peinture, dessin-aquarelle, sculpture-installation, c&amp;ea=
miniature, tapisserie, estampe-affiche et photographie. <BR>
<li>Recherchez par nom d'artiste, titre d'oeuvre ou vente (date, commissa=
et lieu). </li>
<li>Recherchez les noms et titres incomplets ou tronqu&eacute;s (signatur=
e illisible,=20
mot inclus dans le titre...). </li>
<li>Triez les r&eacute;sultats par date de vente, date de cr&eacute;ation=
, prix, format,=20
genre et technique. </li>
<li>Imprimez votre s&eacute;lection d'oeuvres dans l'ordre de votre tri. =
<li>Choisissez la devise et l'unit&eacute; de mesure d'affichage des r&ea=
de vente. <BR>
<li>Disponible lors de tous vos d&eacute;placements (sous r&eacute;serve =
sur ordinateur portable). </li>
<li>Un manuel d'utilisation d&eacute;taill&eacute; pour vous assister dan=
s l'installation=20
et l'utilisation de votre CD-ROM.</li>
<H3><FONT color=3D"#FF0000">Prix: 409 EUROS au lieu de <s>449 EUROS</s></=
<H2><A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/in.aspx?in=3DNjczMTAwMDAwMDAwMDAx:
Commandez-le d&egrave;s maintenant</A></H2>
<TABLE width=3D"594" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" ali=
<H3><B>En 2003, de violentes secousses sur le march&eacute; de l'Art</B><=
<P><B><FONT size=3D"3">N'utilisez pas une information p&eacute;rim&eacute=
;e comme en=20
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/fr/">Partez gagnant en 2003 avec Artpr=
ice !</A> </FONT></B></P>
<P>Restez connect&eacute; en permanence &agrave; la premi&egrave;re Agenc=
e de presse=20
mondiale sur le march&eacute; de l'Art<BR>
Artprice en <A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/fr/">acc&egrave;s illimit&=
sur vos &eacute;crans pour <FONT color=3D"#FF0000"><B>16,58 euros par moi=
<TABLE border=3D"0" align=3D"center" width=3D"599" cellspacing=3D"3">
<tr><TD bgcolor=3D"#FF0000" align=3D"center">
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/fr/"><FONT size=3D"5" color=3D"#FFFFFF=
">Prix sp&eacute;cial<BR>
<B>16,58 euros</B><BR>
par mois</FONT></A></TD>
<TD valign=3D"top" width=3D"411">=20
<P>Chaque jour, Artprice fournit 900&nbsp;000 &quot;addicts d'information=
s&quot; sur le march&eacute; de l'art &agrave; travers le monde. </P>
<P>Marchands, galeristes, experts, auctioneers, mus&eacute;es, institutio=
ns, banques, assurances, collectionneurs, mais aussi de nouveaux amateurs=
 disposent d&eacute;sormais d'<B>une information inestimable</B>=20
<I>qui &eacute;tait au XX&egrave;me si&egrave;cle le privil&egrave;ge d'u=
n cercle d'initi&eacute;</I>s.</P>
<P><B>Une simple connexion Internet avec l'abonnement Artprice Pure&nbsp;=
Play</B> vous donne l'acc&egrave;s imm&eacute;diat et illimit&eacute; aux=
 <B>3,2 millions de r&eacute;sultats</B> d'adjudications=20
d'&#156;uvres d'art, <B>290&nbsp;000 artistes</B>, ventes prochaines, ind=
ices et cotes uniques au monde, biographies, signatures et monogrammes ai=
nsi qu'&agrave; toutes les <B>d&eacute;p&ecirc;ches d'informations=20
sur le march&eacute; de l'art.<BR>
</tr><tr><TD colspan=3D"2" align=3D"center">=20
<P align=3D"center"><FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D"2"><B>
<A href=3D"http://web.artprice.com/fr/"><BR>
Rejoignez les 900&nbsp;000 clients Artprice</A></B><BR>
Acc&egrave;s illimit&eacute; : Pure Play* sur Artprice : <B><FONT color=3D=
"#FF0000" size=3D"3">16,58 EUR/USD</FONT><FONT color=3D"#FF0000"> par moi=
*100% internet</FONT></P>
<TABLE width=3D"594" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"3" cellpadding=3D"0" ali=
<TD colspan=3D"2"> <B><FONT size=3D"3"><BR>
Recherche gratuite </FONT></B>:<BR>
<TABLE border=3D"0" bgcolor=3D"#FFFFFF" align=3D"center">
<FORM method=3Dget action=3D"http://web.artprice.com/fr/artistsearch.aspx=
<TD><A href=3D"http://www.artprice.com/"> <IMG src=3D"http://web.artprice=
.com/Img/B/artprice_140.gif" align=3D"absmiddle" border=3D"0" alt=3D"artp=
<INPUT type=3Dtext name=3Dsearcharti size=3D27>
<INPUT type=3Dsubmit value=3D"Chercher un artiste" style=3D"CURSOR: hand"=
<INPUT type=3Dhidden name=3DL value=3Dfr>
<table width=3D"599" border=3D"0" align=3D"center"><tr>
<td height=3D"402"><br>
<img src=3D"http://web.artprice.com/img/LogoArtp_90.jpg" border=3D"0">
<FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D"1">leader mondial de l'information sur le ma=
rch&eacute; de l'Art<BR>
Artprice est une soci&eacute;t&eacute; du groupe Serveur avec une partici=
pation du groupe Bernard Arnault.</FONT><br>
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